Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Testimonials - Boston, MA
Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Exchange Student ESL and Accommodations  -  Boston, MA
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"Siempre había soñado con viajar a EE.UU. y, en el verano de 2008, me decidí por Boston. 'Crucé el charco', no solo para aprender inglés, sino también para conocer un país que me fascinaba y una cultura nueva para mi. No me decepcionó. Conocí a gente maravillosa y disfruté de la ciudad tanto como pude. La familia de acogida, fue encantadora. La casa era preciosa y la comida buenísima. Me sentí muy a gusto, la verdad. Entraba y salía cuando quería y me ayudó en todo lo que necesité. Todos aquellos que estéis pensando en embarcaros en un viaje de estas características, ¡hacedlo!".           
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"I had always dreamed of traveling to the U.S. and in the summer of 2008, I decided on Boston. ‘I crossed the pond’, not only to learn English, but also to know a country that fascinated me and a new culture for me. I was not disappointed. I met wonderful people and enjoyed the city as much as I could. The host family, was lovely. The house was beautiful and great food. I felt very comfortable, really. Went in and out when I wanted and she helped me in everything I needed. All those who are thinking about embark on a journey of this nature, do it!".
"Affordable HomeStay' şirketinden çok memnun kaldım. Benim için bulduğu aile çok iyi, temiz, son derece konforlu ve yemekleri çok lezzetliydi. Aynı zamanda evin bulunduğu bölge güvenli, okuluma ve şehir merkezine ulaşımı kolaydı. Hala aile ile bağlantımda devam etmekde!"    
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"I was happy with Affordable HomeStay. My host family was great, the house was clean every time and my room was very comfortable, the food delicious. At the same time, the area was safe and the transportation was easy to the Downtown and my school. I still stay in touch with my host family!"

(English Translation)
Home stay is a great way to improve language level and acquire multinational cultures. When I came to America last September, I found myself living with a Japanese student, a Korean student and a married couple consisting of an American and a Jamaican. As a Chinese student without any experience living abroad, I used to have some stereotypes and misinterpretations about other cultures. The most ridiculous one was that the whole South America shares the same culture with Africa. I have a strong desire to develop my English, and I’ve had lots of practice after spending hours every day talking to my roommates. The topics could be related to food, music, and movies, or economy, politics and science. By practicing my English I’ve developed a cultural understanding that I did not expect. Despite the fact that our schedules varied, a small chat meeting in the kitchen or a friendly greeting in the morning would also bring us closer. Through exchanging ideas in English, my understanding of both their cultures and mine were enormously promoted. Although there were sometimes obstacles to clarify what we wanted to express, gestures and paintings worked as well. After a while, I was able to cook different kinds of Kimchi, count numbers in Japanese, and have a simple conversation in Jamaican Patois.
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