Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Student Application - Boston, MA
Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Exchange Student ESL and Accommodations  -  Boston, MA
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Affordable HomeStay does not charge a placement fee for our services.  However, all applicants must submit a $150 application processing fee.   Please complete the application form below and submit the $150 payment using the PayPal PayNow feature below.  Your application will not be processed without the $150 application processing fee. Once you receive email confirmation of your homestay, payment is due in full via Credit Card, Western Union, or MoneyGram.
First Name and Surname
Which institution will you be attending in Boston? What is the address of the institution?
Are you a smoker?
Homestay Preference
Single Room (no meal plan)
Single Room (with meal plan)
Double Room (no meal plan)
Double Room (with meal plan)
No Preference
When will you arrive in Boston?
When do you plan to depart Boston?
Homestay Requests
Non Smokers
No Pets
No Children Under 5 Years Old
I would like to add private ESL tutoring to my homestay accommodations
I have submitted $150 the application fee and understand the refund policy. I understand my application will not be processed without the $150 fee.
Once I receive email confirmation of my homestay accommodations, I will pay the total amount due in full via Credit Card (5% transaction fee, Western Union or MoneyGram. I understand that if I do not pay the remaining balance by the deadline indicated in my confirmation email, my room will be canceled and my $150 initial fee will not be refunded.
Additional Questions, Comments or Requests
*The application deposit is fully refundable in the event that an applicant is not placed with a homestay family. Refunds are non-refundable should the applicant decide to withdraw his/her application once it has been submitted.
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