Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Host Application - Boston, MA
Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Exchange Student ESL and Accommodations  -  Boston, MA
Please complete the Affordable HomeStay Host Application in its entirety. All income will be reported to the IRS in December and hosts will receive a 1099 form to file taxes.
Host Name
Home Address
Phone and Email (Please include both)
Why are you interested in becoming a host family?
How did you hear about Affordable HomeStay? (If referred, please indicate by whom)
Do you speak any other languages besides English? If so, which ones?
When is your room available?
Describe your household. Names, occupations and ages of all household members and relationship to you
How long would you be willing to host a student?
One Week
One Month
Two-Three Months
Three-Five Months
Six Months-Year
Please provide a written description of your home and surrounding community.
Please check off the appropriate boxes which best describes the available room/accommodations.
One Bed
Two Beds in One Room
Shared Bathroom
Private Bathroom
Wireless Internet
Internet (wired connection)
Linens (Sheets and Towels)
Laundry Facilities
Please describe walking/bus/train route to downtown Boston. Be specific with bus #, train line and how long it would take to arrive to downtown Boston.
Have you hosted students previously? If so, which company did you host from?
Student Preferences - please check all that apply.
Smoker (inside home ok)
Smoker (outside home ok)
College Age
Have you or members of your household ever been convicted of a felony? If yes, please explain.
Affordable HomeStay requires a background check of all host family members. Would you authorize this background check on all household members?
I understand that earnings from accommodating students must be reported to the IRS. I will submit a copy of the current years W2 form via email within one week of submitting this application.
Ask us about our Refer a Friend Rewards Program and earn $50* for every student or host family that you refer to us!
*You must be an exisiting (or past) Affordable Homestay
student or host to qualify for the referral
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