Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Home - Boston, MA
Affordable ESL and HomeStay - Host Family Accommodations  -  Boston, MA
 Affordable HomeStay
provides students with an affordable, safe and clean environment to reside in while studying in Boston. Homestay accommodations are conveniently located to English language programs, universities and hospitals in and around the Boston area and surrounding communities. All homestay accommodations are are easily accessible via public transportation. Our guarantee is safe, affordable accommodations within 45 minutes (or less) commuting time to your destination.
Group ESL and accommodations are also availabe.
Darla, CEO and Founder
Darla has over 17 years of experience in higher education and international student support services.  She has traveled the globe and has worked with various agents domestically and internationally with the goal of keeping the cost of accommodations reasonable while providing an added value of follow on customer support services. 
Latoiya, Manager of Placement Services
Darlene, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 856-575-1884
Fax: 781-581-1246
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